Keeping Feet Fit & Healthy

More great advice from Society of Shoe Fitters on how to keep your feet healthy. Whilst Footscape stocks insoles, great shoes (including DB wider fit shoes) and trainers. this is just part of good foot care to help reduce the need for insoles in later life. Their advice is as follows:



Whatever your age, keep your feet clean and dry! Always dry thoroughly between your toes to avoid fungal infections and irritation.


Cut toe nails straight across – they can become ingrown if shaped like fingernails (the shape should resemble a TV screen). Don’t allow toe nails to grow too long as they will damage hosiery and rub on your shoe uppers.

Reflexologists believe that our feet map the up’s and down’s of our lives and general well being. At differing times in our life, our feet and ankles suffer from aches and pains, and you may be advised to do some foot exercises to strengthen and relax your muscles. For children, you need to make this fun, so we have put together some enjoyable exercises that will benefit both you and your family. Whether you need to correct a problem or help yourself relax…why not give them a go?

Lose your Marbles… Pick up the marbles with your toes one by one and pop them into a container – not as easy as it sounds! Different sized bottle necks or jars, makes it a skilful game.

Move over Monet!… Choose a subject i.e. animal, fruit etc. and holding a pen or chalk between your toes, see what masterpiece you can create. For younger children, take them outside with a bowl of water-based paint and an old roll of wallpaper and watch them make footprints and patterns with pieces of sponge.

Toe the Line… Children love to balance and will often copy circus performers walking the tightrope. Roll out a line of ribbon or string and ask them to tiptoe to the end…and then tiptoe backwards…if you fall off you have to start again. If you think that’s easy – you try it!

Picnic blanket… Lay a towel under your feet (sitting or laying) then gradually ‘claw’ it into a scrunched up heap. Find the corners with your toes and smooth it back out again.

Bath Time… Whilst sitting in the bath, pick up your sponge, flannel or anything else off the bottom.

The following exercises are ideal whether in the office, watching TV or if travelling long distance in cramped conditions, to help avoid DVT (deep vein thrombosis)…

Around the Clock… Sitting or laying comfortably follow a circular motion with your foot – not your leg, clockwise then anti-clockwise. This will strengthen your ankle muscles.

Wiggle… Regularly wiggle and separate your toes one by one. Whatever time of day, wherever you are and whatever your footwear, you should always be able to wiggle your toe.


---hmmm enjoy!