Shoes for Orthoses

Deep Fitting Shoes for Orthoses

Orthotics are shoe inserts that are worn to restore the natural position of your foot. They can be bought over the counter or made especially for you.

If your podiatrist has recommended that you wear an orthotic device in your shoe then you should move them each time you change your shoes.

When shopping for shoes for orthotics, consider deep fitting shoes but ideally we recommend shoes with removable footbeds although they can sometimes be placed over the footbed in a flat shoe. Preferably the shoes will have a well built-up heel counter (back of the shoe) that will be stiff enough to provide support for an orthotic device, such as a heel wedge, heel flare or an extended heel.

Lace-up or velcro (hook & loop) are good choices if you need to make allowances for an orthotic device. You should always bring your orthotic with you when buying shoes so that you can try it on with the shoes that you are considering.

The types of Orthotics include:

Functional orthotics - often made of plastic and moulded to your foot shape and used to bring your gait back to a neutral position.  They also help with absorbing shock when you are either walking or running.

Accommodative orthotics

Accommodative orthotics are devices like braces and splints. They are used for relief of minor foot pain and to correct minor problems with the foot.

Ankle-foot Orthotics

Ankle-foot orthotics, or AFOs are made to control either your ankle’s position or motion. It is used to compensate for weakness or a deformity in the joint. AFOs are a common type of orthotic device, and they are sometimes called braces.

Cushioned Heel

A cushioned or SACH (Solid Ankle Cushioned Heel) heel is a wedge of compressible rubber that is placed into the heel of a shoe to reduce impact when the wearer takes a step & also knee movement.

Heel Wedges

Heel wedges are used to encourage the front foot to either turn inward or outward when taking a step. .

Heel Flares

A heel flare is inserted into a shoe to resist turning inward or outward and to provide stability to the foot.

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