Swollen Feet

Purchasing comfortable shoes when you have swollen feet can be very difficult.

We have chosen shoe brands and styles which can help with most conditions whether you have swelling due to pre-eclampsia, oedema, plantar fasciitis, foot injuries, diabetes or side effects from medication or any other medical condition. 

We recommend visiting us later in the day, for a measure and fit, when the width and swelling of your feet is at maximum level. However, you will need to be mindful that the shoes will still need to fit when your feet are less swollen so adjustability is key.​ Shoes which are not the right shape for your feet can cause irritation and seams in shoes can also irritate causing additional swelling.

Shoes with velcro straps, soft and flexible materials and extra wide toe boxes are highly recommended for people with swollen feet. Some styles we stock have extra velcro straps to allow for even wider fitting and also have removable foot b