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Footscape is a footwear store for men and women of all ages.

We are trained by the Society of Shoe Fitters to measure, fit and give advice.

Whilst measuring is a merely a guide and all brands/styles can often be labelled different sizes, you may be surprised to find out what size you are now.


Our feet change shape over time as our activities change, our body ages and our weight often changes. We have found that when you are wearing the correct size you get the full benefit from the arch support, the shoe bending in the correct place etc.. Sometimes body pain can be reduced by simply wearing the correct size shoe.

We stock a number of brands and a few speciality brands for those with particular needs e.g wide or swollen feet, back or joint pain.

We work alongside local podiatrists and health care professionals to ensure that the most appropriate shoes are fitted.

We welcome browsers and a chat about how we can help.

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